What if I told you that you could not only effectively lead your child to Jesus, but that you could also raise your child to enthusiastically follow him for life?

     I have been teaching children to know and follow Jesus now for many years, starting with my own two. Let me share with you the secrets I've learned about reaching a child's heart! This information will empower you and give you confidence in your parenting and spiritual leadership. I would love to speak to you and your group of friends, or to home school associations.



     In addition, I speak on the subject of how God can work through just one person to change many things, when that person is sold out to him. When you are willing to follow God's dream for your life instead of your own, powerful things happen! You can make a difference for a lot of people . . . even for your country. I know this is true because I was once put in a position where I faced a David-vs-Goliath battle of my own, a battle I would never have chosen. But through God's strength, I came through it victoriously. That giant is dead! But he has brothers! No matter which of Goliath's brothers you face, you can win through Jesus' power!

With blessings, Sheri Schofield

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